Silverwood golf club Armagh

Silverwood golf course Armagh

Silverwood Golf Course

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Silverwood Golf Club was first established in 1984 by a small group who many of are still members to this day. In our almost 40-year history we have competed in all levels of inter club competitions with some success. We have a great group of members playing weekly competitions and the door is always open for new members.
Silverwood Golf Club, established in 1984 is a picturesque 18 hole parkland course conveniently located on the outskirts of Lurgan in County Armagh and close to Junction 10 of the M1 Motorway.
It originally consisted of a small group of members playing in a society that now has developed into a club affiliated to the GUI and attracting increasing numbers of members and visitors each year. Silverwood Golf Club celebrated its 30th Anniversary with huge success in 2014.
Silverwood Golf Club has a wide range of facilities to offer in addition to the popular restaurant and club house facilities. It’s a Par 72 18 Hole Golf course playing just under 7000 yards that tests all levels including some excellent holes offering a challenge to many.

Green Fees Midweek: £19
Green Fees Weekends & B.H.: £22
Green Fees with a Member: £10 
Green Fees for Opens: N/A
Practice Area: Yes
Club Hire: Yes
Buggy Hire: Yes
Soft Spikes: No
Open For Membership:  
Course Type Parkland
No Holes 18
Members 263
Designer Nature
Founded 1984

Turmoyra Lane,
Co. Armagh
BT66 6NG

Telephone 028-38-325380
Email silverwoodgolfclub@gmail.com
Website Silverwood golf club website
Secretary/Manager: Declan Brown
Captain: Mathew Madden
Lady Captain: None
President: Seamus Patton
Vice-Captain: Cormac Magee
Hon. Secretary: Daryl Patton
Club Pro: None
Hon. Treasurer: Prakash Vyas
Comp. Secretary: Robert Blevins
Silverwood Golf Course Layout Course Layout

Location Map

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General Facts & Information

Course opening hours: Daylight hours Clubhouse opening hours: 9.00am to 7.00pm
Mobile phones: Not on course
Dress Code: Neat and casual, no denim
Catering: Full catering, facilities Days to Avoid: None
Green Fees and Societies Welcome: Midweek & Weekends Pre-booking for open Tournaments: N/A

Silverwood Golf Club Fixtures 2024 provisional*

Open & Major Fixtures 2023 (Confirmed)        
Event Start Finish Type Duration
President's Prize Saturday 24 June
  Closed 1
Captain's Prize Saturday 12 August   Closed 1
Singles Stableford Sunday 7 May   Open 1
Singles Stableford Sunday 4 June   Open 1
Singles Stableford Sunday 2 July   Open 1
Singles Stableford Sunday 3 September   Open 1

*Please check information before travelling

Card of the Course

White Par 72 SSS 71 6,511 yd's
Yellow Par 72 SSS 69 6,188 yd's
Red Par 73 SSS 71 5,596 yd's


Hole Name Hole No. White Yellow Par Index Red Par Index
The Lake 1 502 487 5 10
404 5 10
Boconnell 2 167 157 3 8
155 3 14
The Elbow 3 367 335 4 4
333 4 6
McCaughley's 4 340 303 4 18 303 4 18
The Pound Leap 5 438 430 4 2 383 4 2
Blacker's Hill 6 212 203 3 6
181 3 4
Bleacher's Wood 7 333 311 4 14 303 4 8
Silverwood 8 317 311 4 16 309 4 16
Turmoyra 9 313 289 4 12 282 4 12
  Out 2,989 2,818 35   2,653 35  
Sally Gap 10 414
4 5 335
4 5
Fairy Thorn 11 559
Annesborough 12 393
11 263
The Road Hole 13 323
4 13
The Grove  14 151
The Sperrins  15 430
4 7
4/5 1
McCusker's Lane  16 436
1 314
The Oaks 17 384
4 9
4 3
Panorama 18 472
5 15 395
5/4 13
  In 3,562 3,370 37   2,943 38  
  Total 6,551 6,188 72   5,596 73  
  SSS 71 69     70    

Notable rounds

Men's Course Record:

Ladies Course Record:

Members Achievements

History of Silverwood

What the Club tells us:

Silverwood Golf Club asked long time member and current Club President Frank Gallagher for a few paragraphs on the beginnings of Silverwood Golf Club. In typical Frank fashion, he has went above and beyond the call and wrong an incredible piece as seen below.
These are some of my sketchy memories of how Silverwood golf club came into being.
It was during the mid 70s when I was living in Lisburn and the government at the time were issuing all sorts of incentives to move to Craigavon (New City) and I duly took them up on their offer and moved to Craigavon in 1974. It was during 1975 that I became very aware of the excellent sporting facilities provided in the area. The nine-hole golf course became very appealing to me after watching Tom Watson winning the 1975 British Open that I became interested in the game but I had never played golf in my life. It was at this point that myself and my brother-in-law Eamon McConaghy thought that we should give this game a try.
It was then that we decided to buy a couple of full sets of clubs. Well you couldn’t really call them a full set of clubs, but we each managed to get about six or seven old clubs with Hickory shafts (probably worth a fortune now!) The memory of our first introduction to the game is very vivid. As we stood on the first tee with these clubs and a few old balls, the river seemed to be a long way away, eventually we reached it after five or six shots and probably a few lost balls before we got over it. Eventually we made it to the green with shots too numerous to mention.
As there was no signage to say where the second hole was and we assumed that what now is the eight tee box must be the start of the second hole. We proceeded to play it and flogged our way to the green again losing count of the number of shots taken. The ninth tee box we then reckoned was the start of the third hole, we played it with the same enthusiasm, shots by this stage didn’t matter, The fact that you were able to hit the ball and move it a short way was in itself a measure for success. That brought us back to the first tee box and it was at this stage we decided that even though it was supposed to be a nine hole course you must have to play these three holes three times. It was only when we reached the first green for the third time that we heard voices on the other side of a very high hedge. From memory there appeared to be a hole in the hedge and when we investigated where the voices were coming from, we were able to see the flag on which is now the seventh green.
We spoke the people who were playing the seventh and they directed us to the second hole and explained the layout of the course. That meant that we were playing the course for about six hours that day. It transpired that in order to get to the second hole you had to go through a hole in the hedge to the right of the first green into the lane and then proceed across Boconell Lane and unto the second hole.
After the golf we went to the Country Club Hotel for a few pints and that’s when I reckon that the golfing bug set in. This became a regular occurrence and we started meeting quite a few people like ourselves who played golf just for the sport of it.
Around 1976/77 about 15 or 20 of us started what was then known as the Craigavon Golf Society and at the outset I was in charge of the handicapping. We started off having weekly competitions and all the money for the entrance fees was put into prices for the following week. The draw for the time slots was done by drawing out the cards on the morning of the competition and on the completion of the competition the prices were given out very soon afterwards. We also every now and then had weekends away at other clubs and because of this the society became very popular and the numbers started to increase.
I also remember during these years that there were political decisions made that meant all sporting facilities / Complex’s including swings, swimming pools and parks were to be closed on a Sunday and if you flouted these regulations you would be fined. It meant that though the payment office of the golf complex was closed you still could gain access to the course, A number of members of the society including myself continued to use the course on a Sunday even though there was a police man who stood on the first tee and took names and addresses of everyone who went to tee off.
This happened for a period of time but no prosecutions were ever made because it transpired that the maximum they could’ve fine us was one shilling (5p) and it wasn’t worth the effort.

Roll of Honour

Member Year Hon. Position
Arthur McCarron 1984 Men's Captain
Maurice McCluskey 1985 Men's Captain
George Sewell 1986 Men's Captain
Jimmy Hoye 1987 Men's Captain
Dan Moore 1988 Men's Captain
Eamon McCorry 1989 Men's Captain
Ted Hardy 1990 Men's Captain
Pat Kenny  1991 Men's Captain
Damien McCarten  1992 Men's Captain
Billy Blacker  1993 Men's Captain
John Blacker  1994 Men's Captain
Kieran Devlin  1995 Men's Captain
Martin Hamill  1996 Men's Captain
Marcel Shanks  1997 Men's Captain
Joe McAvoy  1998 Men's Captain
Peter Morrow  1999 Men's Captain
John Fitzpatrick  2000 Men's Captain
Christopher Lamont 2001 Men's Captain
James Nelson 2002 Men's Captain
Eamon Nelson  2003 Men's Captain
Kieran Murray 2004 Men's Captain
Tom Blacker 2004 President
Kieran Murray 2005 Men's Captain
Tom Blacker 2005 President
Thomas Blacker 2006 Men's Captain
Ernest McBride 2007 Men's Captain
Peter Morrow 2007 President
Jeff Conway 2008 Men's Captain
James Nelson 2008 President
Brian Brady 2009 Men's Captain
James Nelson 2009 President
Thomas Feehan 2010 Men's Captain
James Nelson 2010 President
Prakash Vyas 2011 Men's Captain
Eamon Nelson 2011 President
Liam Mackle 2012 Men's Captain
Eamon Nelson 2012 President
John Carson 2013 Men's Captain
  2013 President
Frank Gallagher 2014 Men's Captain
Kieran Murray 2014 President
Peter Graham 2015 Men's Captain
Kieran Murray 2015 President
Shane O'Neill 2016 Men's Captain
Sean Ashe
2016 President
Michael McDonald 2017 Men's Captain
Sean Ashe
2017 President
Seamus Patton 2018 Men's Captain
Sean Ashe 2018 President
Brendan Gorman 2019 Men's Captain
Sean Ashe 2019 President
Jack Lagan 2020 Men's Captain
Sean Ashe 2020 President
Robert Blevins 2021 Men's Captain
  2021 President
Daryl Patton
2022 Men's Captain
  2022 President
Mathew Madden 2023 Men's Captain
Seamus Patton 2023 President

2023 Lowest Men's Handicap

Holes in One at Silverwood

Member Date Hole No. Club Used Distance
Niall Morrow 4 June 2022