Ormeau golf club Down

Ormeau golf course Down

Ormeau Golf Course

Ormeau Club Crest

This nine-hole course with an eighteen-hole par of 68 has proved over the years to have, been a test to the best golfers in the country. The course provides a challenge to both the low and high handicap golfer with good shots being rewarded and those that stray off line receiving due punishment.

The long par-4, 455 yard fifth hole with intimidating out of bounds on the right of the tee box and a narrow sloping green well protected by trees and bunkers is reckoned to rate with the best par four Parkland holes in Ireland. Two long par-3 holes, each demanding an accurate tee shot, add to the variety of holes, which the course has to offer. When playing the third and twelfth holes visitors are advised to look for the Fairy Tree which graces the middle of the fairway within driving range. Club Folklore has it that if a golfer hits the Fairy Tree with his/her ball or club he/she should apologies to the fairies before playing the next shot, otherwise his/her game is likely to suffer thereafter.

Those who have played the Course believe they could play it better the next time round and often make a point of putting their beliefs to the test.

Visitors to Ormeau Golf Club can be assured of a warm and friendly welcome and a challenging round of golf.

Green Fees Midweek: £22
Green Fees Weekends & B.H.: £25
Green Fees with a Member: £18
Green Fees for Opens: £15
Practice Area: Yes
Club Hire: Yes
Buggy Hire: Yes
Soft Spikes: No
Membership Available: Yes
Full Membership Fee: £577
Full 5-Day Membership Fee: £460
Full Lady Membership Fee: £473
Full Student Membership Fee: £309
Full Student 5-Day Membership Fee: £218
Full Social Membership Fee: £50
Course Type Parkland
No Holes 9
Members 409
Designer Nature
Founded 1892

50 Park Road,
Co. Down

Telephone 028-90-640700
Email ormeau.golfclub@btconnect.com
Website Ormeau golf club website
Administration: Mary Dawson
Captain: Ray Shanks
Lady Captain: Tina Diamond
President: Jack Davidson 
Hon. Secretary: Chris McNicholl & Isabel Cowan
Club Pro: Paddy Orr 028-90-640999
Hon. Treasurer: Jack Davidson & Valerie Elwood
Comp. Secretary: Colin Kerr
Ormeau Golf Course Layout Course Layout

Location Map

GPS Coord*
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General Facts & Information

Course opening hours Daylight hours Clubhouse opening hours: 11.30am to 11.00pm
Mobile phones: Not on course
Dress Code: Neat and casual, jacket and tie required evenings
Catering: Full catering, facilities Days to Avoid: Tuesdays pm & Saturdays until 6.30p.m.
Green Fees and Societies Welcome: Other times Pre-booking for open Tournaments:14 Days in advance

Ormeau Golf Club Fixtures 2024 provisional*

Open & Major Fixtures 2024 (to be Confirmed)        
Event Start Finish Type Duration
Captain's Prize to the Ladies Thursday 6 June   Closed 1
Captain's Prize Saturday 8 June    Closed 1
Lady Captain's Prize Sunday 9 June   Closed 1
President's Prize to the Ladies Thursday 1 August   Closed 1
President's Prize Saturday 3 August   Closed 1
Lady President's Prize Saturday 3 August   Closed 1
Vice-Captain's Prize Saturday 24 August   Closed 1

*Please check information before travelling

Card of the Course

Yellow Par 68 SSS 69 5,556 yd’s
Red Par 70 SSS 70 5,230 yd’s
Green Par 68 SSS 68 5,312 yd’s


Hole Name Hole No. Yellow Green Par Index Red Par Index
The Hanging Tree 1 311 284 4 6 271 4 4
Ravenhill Reach 2 331 318 4 16 314 4 8
Fairy Thorn 3 511 505 5 4 503 5 2
The Pitch 4 101 100 3 18 94 3 18
Old Dublin Road 5 455 416 4 2 412 5 12
The Pancake 6 194 184 3 10 183 3 14
The Pines 7 306 298 4 14 295 4 16
The Bandstand 8 222 212 3 8 208 3 10
Clubhouse View 9 352 339 4 12 335 4 6
  Out 2,783 2,656 34   2,615 35  
The Hanging Tree 10 311 284 4 5 271 4 3
Ravenhill Reach 11 331 218 4 15 314 4 7
Fairy Thorn 12 511 505 5 3 503 5 1
The Pitch 13 101 100 3 17 94 3 17
Old Dublin Road 14 455 416 4 1 412 5 11
The Pancake 15 194 184 3 9 183 3 13
The Pines 16 306 298 4 13 295 4 15
The Bandstand 17 222 212 3 7 208 3 9
Clubhouse View 18 352 339 4 11 335 4 5
  In 2,783 2,656 34   2,615 35  
  Total 5,556 5,312 68   5,230 70  
  SSS 69 68     70    

Notable rounds

Men's Course Record: 63 E. Donaldson, 1995

Ladies Course Record:

Members Achievements

Members who played representative golf for Country or Province;

P. T. Crymble* represented Ireland as a Senior International in1902. He represented Ulster in the Senior Interprovincial’s from 1902 to 1906 playing 5-times won 3-matches and lost 2-matches accumulating 3-points;

J. McEvoy* represented Ireland as a Senior International from 1900 to 1902;

F. Royston* represented Ireland as a Senior International in 1902;

T. A. McKeag represented Ulster in the Senior Interprovincial’s from 1901 to 1905 playing 3-times won 1-match halved two and lost 0-matches accumulating 2-points;

C. W. Patton represented Ulster in the Senior Interprovincial’s from 1898 to 1902 playing 3-times won 2-matches halved one and lost 0-matches accumulating 2½ -points;

James Woodside represented Ulster in the Senior Interprovincial’s from 1896 to 1901 playing 7-times won 1-match halved two and lost 4-matches accumulating 2-points;

History of Ormeau

Instituted 1893 affiliated 1894

The "Belfast Newsletter" 24th September, 1892, reported "that a deputation had gone to the Parks Department of Belfast City Council re the proposed golf links at Ormeau Park and they are hopeful of the outcome" The "Irish Golfer" on 14th October, 1899, reports "Ormeau possess one supreme advantage over most of the important courses in the North of Ireland. It lies inside the municipal boundary of no mean city, being only twenty minuets walk from Belfast exchange. The club was founded in 1893 under the Captaincy of Mr. James Woodside. The outlook from the clubhouse is a very charming view of wonderful scenery, contributed to by the tall, ancestral trees of the Donegal estate, now the Ormeau Park"

The club had 160 members and there was separate accommodation for the ladies in the clubhouse. It was a nine-hole course as it remains today.

What the Club tells us:

The Course in the Heart of the City"

Located within a mile of the bustling centre of the city of Belfast and nestling under the shadow of the giant Harland and Wolff shipyard cranes, Ormeau Golf Club can truly be labelled “the course in the heart of the city”. 
Formed in 1893, the club is one of the oldest in Ireland and today complements the exciting developments that go to make up the city’s Laganside complex. The clubhouse and course are situated on mature tree covered parkland once part of the Marquis of Donegall’s Ormeau demesne. 
Visitors to Ormeau Golf Club can be assured of a warm and friendly welcome and a challenging round of golf. You will join many great names of the past such as 1947 Open Champion Fred Daly and author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who have graced the fairways and spoke highly of the challenge provided and the warmth and hospitality of the welcome received.
The nine hole course with an eighteen hole par of 68 has proved over the years to have been a test to the best golfers in the country. The course provides a challenge for both the low and high handicap golfer with good shots being rewarded and those that stray off line receiving due punishment. 
Whether the golf has been good or not so good, the Clubhouse provides the opportunity to relax and reflect on what might have been had those putts dropped or the ball stayed in bounds. With a drink from our well stocked bar or a fine meal from the  restaurant unwind and enjoy the panoramic views of such truly Belfast sights as Black Mountain, Cavehill and of course the Harland and Wolff cranes. 
And if you have any energy left, why not close the evening off in our recently refurbished snooker room complete with all the equipment needed for a big break!

Roll of Honour

Member Year Hon. Position
B. Clulow 1989 Ladies Captain
G. Kirkham 1989 Men's Captain
L. Archer 1990 Ladies Captain
R. Burnett 1990 Men's Captain
G. Moore 1990 President
J. Doran 1991 Ladies Captain
A. McVeigh 1991 Men's Captain
W. C. Mills 1991 President
E. McClure 1992 Ladies Captain
K. Griffith 1992 Men's Captain
W. C. Mills 1992 President
E. McLarnon 1993 Ladies Captain
R. Tease 1993 Men's Captain
W. H. Boyd 1993 President
L. Elwood 1994 Ladies Captain
J. Cree 1994 Men's Captain
W. Moore 1994 President
M. McCartney 1995 Ladies Captain
R. Stringer 1995 Men's Captain
W. Moore 1995 President
E. Mawhinney 1996 Ladies Captain
N. Millar 1996 Men's Captain
C. Osborne 1996 President
R. Mitchell 1997 Ladies Captain
T. Orr 1997 Men's Captain
C. Osborne 1997 President
R. Orr 1998 Ladies Captain
S. Shanks 1998 Men's Captain
J. Cooke 1998 President
May Bunting 1999 Ladies Captain
Benny Marley 1999 Men's Captain
J. Cooke 1999 President
Elizabeth Baily 2000 Ladies Captain
Mr. Danny Holmes 2000 Men's Captain
Mr. G. McVeigh 2000 President
Roberta Burnett 2001 Ladies Captain
Denis McKnight 2001 Men's Captain
  2001 President
Joan Parker 2002 Ladies Captain
Maurice Montgomery 2002 Men's Captain
  2002 President
  2003 Ladies Captain
S. Martin 2003 Men's Captain
  2003 President
Ena McKnight 2004 Ladies Captain
Richard Barnes 2004 Men's Captain
Alan McVeigh 2004 President
Margaret Edgar 2005 Ladies Captain
Lily Archer 2005 Ladies President
Martin Graham 2005 Men's Captain
Alan McVeigh 2005 President
Barbra Moorhead 2006 Ladies Captain
Lily Archer 2006 Ladies President
James Duggan 2006 Men's Captain
Alan McVeigh 2006 President
Jean Hughes 2007 Ladies Captain
  2007 Ladies President
Jim Smith 2007 Men's Captain
Ken Griffith 2007 President
Jennifer Johnston 2008 Ladies Captain
Carol McClure 2008 Ladies President
Graham Turner 2008 Men's Captain
Ken Griffith 2008 President
Heather Stevenson 2009 Ladies Captain
Carol McClure 2009 Ladies President
Jack Davidson 2009 Men's Captain
Stanley Shanks 2009 President
Linda Robinson 2010 Ladies Captain
Elizabeth Bailey 2010 Ladies President
David Clarke  2010 Men's Captain
Danny Holmes 2010 President
Janet Connor 2011 Ladies Captain
Elizabeth Bailey 2011 Ladies President
Bertie Wilson 2011 Men's Captain
Benny Marley 2011 President
Michele Devlin 2012 Ladies Captain
Roberta Burnett 2012 Ladies President
Ronnie Moore 2012 Men's Captain
Benny Marley 2012 President
Moira Quail 2013 Ladies Captain
Roberta Burnett
2013 Ladies President
Jackie McIlwaine 2013 Men's Captain
Denis McKnight
2013 President
Clare McCaughey 2014 Ladies Captain
Joan Parke 2014 Ladies President
Jackie McIlwaine 2014 Men's Captain
Denis McKnight 2014 President
Wilma McCune 2015 Ladies Captain
Joan Parke 2015 Ladies President
Chris McNicholl 2015 Men's Captain
Steve Martin
2015 President
Margaret Edgar 2016 Ladies Captain
Carol Moore
2016 Ladies President
 John Currie 2016 Men's Captain
Steve Martin 2016 President
Isobel Cowan
2017 Ladies Captain
Carol Moore
2017 Ladies President
Alan Elliott 2017 Men's Captain
James Duggan
2017 President
Paula Smith 2018 Ladies Captain
Carol Moore 2018 Ladies President
John McCullough 2018 Men's Captain
James Duggan 2018 President
Kate Graham 2019 Ladies Captain
  2019 Ladies President
David Smyth 2019 Men's Captain
Grahame Turner 2019 President
Heather Stevenson 2020 Ladies Captain
  2020 Ladies President
Alan Silcock 2020 Men's Captain
Jack Davidson 2020 President
Heather Stevenson 2021 Ladies Captain
  2021 Ladies President
Alan Silcock
2021 Men's Captain
Jack Davidson
2021 President
Heather Stevenson
2022 Ladies Captain
  2022 Ladies President
Muir Clark 2022 Men's Captain
  2022 President
  2023 Ladies Captain
  2023 Ladies President

2023 Men's Captain
  2023 President
Tina Diamond 2024 Ladies Captain
  2024 Ladies President
Ray Shanks
2024 Men's Captain
  2024 President
  2024 Lowest Ladies Handicap
  2024 Lowest Men's Handicap

Holes in One at Ormeau

Member Date Hole No. Club Used Distance
M. Vincent   6th 5 Iron 193 yd's
W. Moore   4th 9 Iron 113 yd's
E. McConnell   4th 9 Iron 113 yd's
Joe Hendron 6 August 2005 13th   101 yd’s
Kate Graham 14 August 2022