Gweedore golf club Donegal

Gweedore golf course Donegal

Gweedore Golf Course

Gweedore Club Crest

Gweedore Golf Club is an unique and picturesque 14-hole links located deep in the hearth of the Donegal Gaeltacht, home of the Irish musicians Clannad. Designed by Fr. Danny Molloy and been in existence since 1923 this little gem measuring 5,699 m with a Par of 71 and a standard scratch of, 68 off the men's tees for 18-holes. The ladies, plays 5,639 m with a similar Par and standard scratch as the men's.

Gweedore may look easy when fires surveyed, but by its very nature it is cruelly deceptive, due to its layout, which makes it tight and difficult to post a score. This can be born out by looking at the course record, which stands at 68 shot by Mark McBride. The clubhouse is charming and provides full catering in the summer months if you speak a little Irish the members will be only too happy to converse with you in their native language. If you don't then just to sit at the bar and listen to them is a pleasure. The views from Gweedore are stunning with some of the holes overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and all around is natures, beauty.

A Cead Mile Failte is extended to every visitor who takes the time to visit this club.

Green Fees Midweek: €20
Green Fees Weekends & B.H.: €20
Green Fees with a Member: €10
Green Fees for Opens: €15
Practice Area: Yes
Club Hire: Yes
Buggy Hire: €20
Soft Spikes: No
Full Membership Available: Yes
Full Intermediate 37-40 Membership Fee: €435
Full Intermediate 33-36 Membership Fee: €350
Full Intermediate 29-33 Membership Fee: €290
Full Intermediate 24-28 Membership Fee: €250
Full Intermediate 18-23 Membership Fee: €170
Full Country Membership Fee: €210
Full Distance Membership Fee: €400
Full Junior 14-17 Membership Fee: €100
Full Junior U-13 Membership Fee: €50
Course Type Links
No Holes 14
Members 161
Designer Fr. Danny Molloy
Founded 1923

Co. Donegal

Telephone +353 (0)74-9531140
Website Gweedore golf club website
Secretary/Manager: Hughie McBride
Chaiftín: Michael  Rodgers
Bean Chaiftín: Kathleen Rodgers
Uachtarán: Aisling MhicCumhaill
Vice-Captains':  &
Hon. Secretary: Emmet McGee & Marian Curran
Club Pro: Séamús Mc Monagle (lessons)
Hon. Treasurer: Paddy Duffin
Comp. Secretary: Dermot Love & Patricia Durnien
Gweedore Golf Course Layout Course Layout

Location Map

GPS Coord*
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General Facts & Information

Course opening hours: Daylight hours Clubhouse opening 10.00am to 12.00pm
Mobile phones: Not on course
Dress Code: Neat and casual, no denim
Catering: Full catering, facilities in Summer Days to Avoid: None
Green Fees and Societies Welcome: Midweek & Weekends Pre-booking for open Tournaments: 14 Days in advance

Gweedore Golf Club Fixtures 2022 provisional*

Open & Major Fixtures 2022 (to be Confirmed)        
Event Start Finish Type Duration
Captains' Drive-In Saturday 12 March
  Closed 1
President's Prize Saturday 4 June   Closed 1
Captain's Prize Saturday 16 July   Closed 1
Lady Captain's Prize Saturday 6 August
  Closed 1
Pobalscoil Ghaoth Dobhair Classic Saturday 7 May   Open 1
Club Classic Saturday 2 July   Open 1
Gaoth Dobhair GAA Classic Saturday 3 September
  Open 1

*Please check information before travelling

Card of the Course

White Par 71 SSS 68 5,607 m
Red Par 72 SSS 71 4,837 m


Hole No. White Par Index Red Par Index
1 348 4 4
305 4 4
2 149 3 12 121 3 18
3 440
18 390
4 140
5 380
6 504
4 10
7 315
4 14 270
4 14
8 475
9 320
4 8
282 4 8
Out 3,071
37   2,571 36  
10 364 4 3
361 5 9
11 130 3 13 130 3
12 460
11 420
13 325
4 9
14 387
15 110
4 15 85
16 304
4 5
17 125 3 17 110 3 15
18 331 4 7
317 4 3
In 2,536 34   2,266 36  
Total 5,607 71   4,837
SSS 68     71

Notable rounds

Men's Course Record: 65 Pol O'Maolagain

Ladies Course Record:

Members Achievements

Gweedore won the Gaeltacht Alliance in 1999 and 2000

Gweedore won the Donegal League Championship in 1998 and 1999.

Members who played representative golf for Country or Province;

Ciaran McMonagle represented Ireland at international Youths level from 1996 to 1997 playing  8-matches, won 4-matches halved two and lost 2-matches accumulating 10-points. He represented Ireland at Irish Boys level from 1993 to 1994 playing 10-times won 6-matches halved one and lost 3-matches accumulating 13-points. He represented Ulster in the Senior Interprovincial’s from 1997 to 2000 playing 24-times won 13-matches halved three and lost 8-matches accumulating 29-points. He represented Ulster as a Youth in the Interprovincial Championships from 1994 to 1997 playing 23-times won 14-matches halved four and lost 5-matches accumulating 32-points. He represented Ulster at the Boys Interprovincial Championships in 1993 playing 6-times won 5-matches halved one and lost 0-matches accumulating 11-points;

History of Gweedore

What the Club tells us:

Gweedore Golf Club was founded in 1923, becoming affiliated in 1927, playing on a 9 hole course, mainly on Commonage land and some privately owned fields. It seems the club did not function from 1939 until it was resurrected in 1960.

Small scale but significant developments occurred over the years, from having a small tin hut close to the graveyard in the 1930s, built at a cost of £27, to a new modern clubhouse in 1976, to replace the temporary prefab from 1970 and then the extension and refurbishment in 1989.

The purchase of strips of land began in 1970 – the site of the Clubhouse and the present first fairway – bought from Johnny Conaghan, Cotteen. Further land and share purchases followed regularly and after many years of effort and enthusiasm the club finally achieved its first objective in 2014, of having a 9 hole course on its own land.

Combined with its majority shareholding on the Commonage, the course now comprises of 14 distinct holes and the club is determined to achieve its ultimate aim of having an 18 hole course for its members whose efforts over many years should result in a much needed amenity for the parish of Gweedore.

The old course record of 65 is held by Pól ‘Monty’ Ó Maolagáin achieved on the 19/8/2007. The record for the new layout will soon be up for grabs once conditions for records are in place.

Course development remains high on the priority list in the coming years and the spectacular scenery of the links will be difficult to surpass.

Gweedore Ladies Branch was founded in 1977, and had approximately 12 members with a few country members joining in for the summer months, set up and ran by local ladies, it’s numbers soon increased to 30 ladies by the early eighties and today there are approximately 35 members who play regularly on the links course. Wednesday is ladies day and twice a month 2 ladies sponsor a tea evening, which is a great opportunity for a get together and keeps all the ladies up to date on events in the club. Kind and generous local sponsorship, which the ladies seek out, is the bread and butter of the club and provides the much-needed revenue to run a voluntary club, all of our sponsors are very much appreciated.

All of our competitions are played in stroke or stableford format and scoring is generally good with 68 net or 39 points being the norm as the Atlantic breezes make the scoring a challenge. In certain conditions, in the summer months the scoring can be as good as 62 net but the course has undergone a few changes in recent years and the fast links fairways are now grassy and make it necessary to carry the ball and not depend on the run, also rough has been allowed to grow making it imperative to stay on the fairways.

The only matchplay event the ladies enter is the Maura O’Donnell Cup which is played at clubs all over Donegal and consists of 5 teams from each club who play fourball matchplay with a home and away match, much enjoyed by all who take part and a great opportunity to play the beautiful Donegal courses and meet with like minded ladies. The ladies branch is part of a winter Alliance which consists of Cruit Island Golf Club, Narin & Portnoo Golf Club, Cloughaneely Golf Club and Gweedore Golf Club and on one Saturday each month the ladies play on each of these courses, a prize is awarded for the Club of the Alliance with scores taken from each outing.

A very friendly group of ladies with a warm welcome for visitors and great encouragement for beginners makes up a very well organised and hardworking team who work well together in running competitions and events and who are very supportive of their club. Lady Captains day is the highlight of the golfing calendar for the ladies and is usually played in July, August or September and usually consists of an 18 hole qualifying round with the top 10 scores and equal going back out for a 9 hole play-off to decide the winner. All the club functions are held in the clubhouse with local caterers providing the food and the craic at club functions is always second to none!


Roll of Honour

Member Year Hon. Position
Charles Cullen 1989 Chaiftín
John Breslin 1989 Uachtarán
Eileen McGinley 1990 Bean Chaiftín
Seamus Gallagher 1990 Chaiftín
Annette Doherty 1991 Bean Chaiftín
Sean Gallagher 1991 Chaiftín
Patrick J. Doherty 1991 Uachtarán
Nell Cullen 1992 Bean Chaiftín
Pol Gallagher 1992 Chaiftín
Patrick J. Doherty 1992 Uachtarán
Mary Doherty 1993 Chaiftín
Patrick J. Doherty 1993 Uachtarán
Caithlin Diver 1994 Bean Chaiftín
Noel McFadden 1994 Chaiftín
Patrick J. Doherty 1994 Uachtarán
Maire Murtagh 1995 Bean Chaiftín
Rory Mangan 1995 Chaiftín
Patrick J. Doherty 1995 Uachtarán
Margaret Campbell 1996 Bean Chaiftín
Pat McNicol 1996 Chaiftín
Patrick J. Doherty 1996 Uachtarán
Deirdre Gallagher 1997 Bean Chaiftín
Eoghan Gillespie 1997 Chaiftín
M. J. Gallagher 1997 Uachtarán
Sheila Gallagher 1998 Bean Chaiftín
Sean Diver 1998 Chaiftín
M. J. Gallagher 1998 Uachtarán
Marion Curran 1999 Bean Chaiftín
Eric Campbell 1999 Chaiftín
John Breslin 1999 Uachtarán
Brid Kearney 2000 Bean Chaiftín
Noel O'Fearraigh 2000 Chaiftín
John Breslin 2000 Uachtarán
Brid McCool 2001 Bean Chaiftín
Niall Griffin 2001 Chaiftín
Michael M. Gallagher Snr. 2001 Uachtarán
Kathleen Doherty 2002 Bean Chaiftín
Doalty Sweeney 2002 Chaiftín
Michael M. Gallagher Snr. 2002 Uachtarán
Bella McGee 2003 Bean Chaiftín
Jack White 2003 Chaiftín
Connie Ned McBride 2003 Uachtarán
  2004 Bean Chaiftín
Pol MacCumhaill 2004 Chaiftín
Connie Ned McBride 2004 Uachtarán
Kathleen Rodgers 2005 Bean Chaiftín
John P. Gallagher 2005 Chaiftín
Charlie Cullen 2005 Uachtarán
  2006 Bean Chaiftín
James Sweeney 2006 Chaiftín
Charlie Cullen 2006 Uachtarán
Margaret Campbell 2007 Bean Chaiftín
Andrew Carr 2007 Chaiftín
Fred Coll 2007 Uachtarán
Nell Cullen 2008 Bean Chaiftín
Seán O Cléirigh 2008 Chaiftín
Fred Coll 2008 Uachtarán
Mairead Ni hEarcain 2009 Bean Chaiftín
Aine NiChurrain 2009 Uachtarán
Nigel O'Fearrigh 2009 Chaiftín
Eoghan MacEachmharcaig 2009 Uachtarán
Kitty Doherty 2010 Bean Chaiftín
Aine NiChurrain 2010 Bean Uachtarán
Anthony Doherty 2010 Chaiftín
Seamus Gallagher 2010 Uachtarán
Moya O'Donnell 2011 Bean Chaiftín
Peadar O’Gallchoir 2011 Chaiftín
Matt Murray 2011 Uachtarán
Marie Kelly 2012 Bean Chaiftín
Charles Sweeney 2012 Chaiftín
Matt Murray 2012 Uachtarán
Deirdre Gallagher 2013 Bean Chaiftín
Declan Ferry 2013 Chaiftín
Matt Murray
2013 Uachtarán
Breid Gallagher 2014 Bean Chaiftín
Padraig Gallagher 2014 Chaiftín
Hughie Doherty 2014 Uachtarán

Brid Gallagher

2015 Bean Chaiftín
Emmet McGee 2015 Chaiftín
Hughie Doherty 2015 Uachtarán
  2016 Bean Chaiftín
Micheal Doherty 2016 Chaiftín
Hughie Doherty 2016 Uachtarán
  2017 Bean Chaiftín
Piaras Coyle 2017 Chaiftín
Hughie Doherty 2017 Uachtarán
  2018 Bean Chaiftín
Micheal Doherty 2018 Chaiftín
Hughie Doherty 2018 Uachtarán
  2019 Bean Chaiftín
Pat Sweeney 2019 Chaiftín
Pól Ó'Rabhartaigh 2019 Uachtarán
Edel Uí Rabhartaigh 2020 Bean Chaiftín
Jerry McClafferty 2020 Chaiftín
Pól Ó'Rabhartaigh
2020 Uachtarán
Marian Curran 2021 Bean Chaiftín
Jerry McClafferty 2021 Chaiftí
Pól Ó'Rabhartaigh 2021 Uachtarán
Kathleen Rodgers 2022 Bean Chaiftín
Michael  Rodgers 2022 Chaiftín
Aisling Mhic Cumhaill 2022 Uachtarán
Brid Kearney (13) 2022 Lowest Ladies H'cap
Cathal Óg Ó Gallachóir (+1)
2022 Lowest Men's H'cap
Anthony Doherty (4.5) 2022 Lowest Men's H'cap
Pádraig Ó Dochartaigh 2022 Lowest Men's H'cap

Holes in One at Gweedore

Member Date Hole No. Club Used Distance
James Sweeney        
Eileen Nic Fhionnlaoich        
Anthony Doherty        
Sean O'Farrell 4 June 1994 15th   126 m
Eoghan Gillespie 2 August 1997 17th   115 m
Sheila Gallagher 11 September 1999  8th   127 m
Charlie Sweeney 17 November 2002 8th   140 m
Seamus McGowan 13 April 2003 2nd   142 m
John O'Brien 22 May 2005 17th   115 m
Pol O’Maolagain 4 June 2005 11th   153 m
Michael Gallagher 18 September 2005 2nd   142 m
Marie Ferry 1 October 2005 17th   120 m
Conor Brennan 14 January 2006 8th   113 m
Kevin McCormick 7 May 2006 8th   137 m
Marie Kelly 13 May 2006 11th   153 m
Alyse McCarthy 13 July 2006 8th   109 m
Cathal O’Gallchoir 9 December 2007 2nd   142 m
David Varian 18 June 2008 4th   184 m
Betty O’Malley 3 August 2008 8th   109 m
Enda Finan 4 August 2008 11th   194 m
Anthony Doherty 31 October 2021 11th   194 m
Liam Mc kinley 17 May 2022