Cruit Island golf club Donegal

Cruit Island golf course Donegal

Cruit Island Golf Course

Cruit Island Club Crest

Cruit Island is a unique 9-hole links course with stunning scenery surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on all sides accessible only bridge, which joins it to village of Kincasslagh. Cruit has 12 tee boxes and feature holes are definitely 137 metres 6th 145 15th par 3s where you hit over deep cove green sheer drop into for anybody who clubs.

What the scribes said:

Cruit Island Golf Club is a stunningly beautiful nine-hole...The view from there is fantastic: all rocks, outer islands, turbulent seas beating on the battered coastline and vast expanses of sky stretching away to Newfoundland...It has one hole that says very simply, eat your hearth out Pebble Beach. It would be worth going to Cruit simply for the sixth." From Beyond the Fairways, The past present and future of golf, by David and Patricia Davies.

One of the dream places of the world" German Golf Magazine 1999

The 7th ... It's a hole that on any other course would be celebrated in song and verse. Alas at Cruit it's merely the hole after the magical sixth." The Golf Digest Connecticut U.S.A. 2002.

The visitor is assured of a warm welcome and memorable game golf well worth the journey down narrow road.

Founded in 1986 Cruit Island is now one of the finest 9-hole courses Ireland. It has distinction being first club to have a Lady President, ladies are full and integral part this boasts beautiful new clubhouse.

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Green Fees Donegal G. I. Member 18-holes: €25
Green Fees Donegal G. I. Member 9-holes: €20
Green Fees G. I. Member 18-holes: €30
Green Fees G. I. Member 9-holes: €20
Green Fees Non G. I. Member 18-holes: €50
Green Fees Non G. I. Member 9-holes: €30
Green Fees with a Member: €20
Green Fees for Opens: €20/25
Practice Area: Yes
Club Hire: €10
Buggy Hire: €15
Soft Spikes: No
Full Membership Available: Yes
Full Membership Fee: €430
Full Family Membership Fee: €795
Full Seniors Membership Fee: €330
Full Beginner Membership Fee: €255
Full 2nd Year Beginner Membership Fee: €255
Full Student Membership Fee: €145
Full Junior Membership Fee: €75
Full Overseas Lifetim Membership Fee: €2,500
Entrance Fee: None
Course Type Links
No Holes 9
Members 155
Designer Nature
Founded 1986

Co. Donegal

Telephone +353 (0)74-9543296
Website Cruit Island golf club website
Secretary/Manager Alan Gillespie
Captain: Brendan Boyle
Lady Captain: Mary Doherty
President: Columba Bonner
Vice-Captain:  & 
Hon. Secretary: Alan Gillespie
Club Pro: None
Hon. Treasurer: Donal Boyle & Johndy Boyle
Comp. Secretary: Eugene McGarvey & Carmel Bonner
Cruit Island Golf Course Layout Course Layout

Location Map

GPS Coord*
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General Facts & Information

Course opening hours: Daylight hours Clubhouse opening hours: 10.00am to dusk
Mobile phones: Not on course
Dress Code: Neat and casual, no denim
Catering: Full catering, facilities Days to Avoid: Sunday mornings
Green Fees and Societies Welcome: Other times Pre-booking for open Tournaments:14 Days in advance

Cruit Island Golf Club Fixtures 2023 provisional*

Open & Major Fixtures 2023 (to be Confirmed)        
Event Start Finish Type Duration
President's Prize to the Ladies
Tuesday 20 June
  Closed 1
President's Prize
Thursday 22 June Friday 23 June Closed 2
President's Prize Friday 23 June   Closed 1
Captain's Prize to the Ladies
Thursday 22 June   Closed 1
Captain's Prize Saturday 24 June Sunday 25 June Closed 2
Captain's Prize Sunday 25 June   Closed 1
Lady Captain's Prize to the Men
Saturday 12 August Sunday 13 August Closed 2
Lady Captain's Prize to the Men
Sunday 13 August   Closed 1
Lady Captain's Prize Saturday 19 August   Closed 1
L. & G. Singles Stableford Saturday 20 May
Sunday 21 May
Open 2
L. & G. Singles Stableford Sunday 21 May
  Open 1
Ladies Singles Stableford Thursday 15 June   Open 1
Club Classic Saturday 17 June   Open 1
Singles Strokes Saturday 8 July Sunday 9 July Open 2
Singles Strokes Sunday 9 July   Open 1
Ladies Charity Singles Stableford Thursday 20 July   Open 1
L. & G. Singles Stableford Saturday 5 August Sunday 6 August Open 2
L. & G. Singles Stableford Sunday 6 August
  Open 1

*Please check information before travelling

Card of the Course

White Par 68 SSS 66 5,141 m
Red Par 68 SSS 65 4,296 m


Hole No. White Par Index Red Par Index
1 394 4 1 272 4 14
2 386 4 3 296 4 2
3 302 4 13 270 4 4
4 318 4 5 258 4 12
5 256 4 17 237 4 15
6 137 3 15 123 3 8
7 293 4 7 260 4 6
8 195 3 11 150 3 17
9 289 4 9 255 4 10
Out 2,570 34   2,121 34  
10 387 4 2 355 4 1
11 386 4 4 290 4 3
12 302 4 14 270 4 5
13 318 4 6 258 4 13
14 256 4 18 237 4 16
15 145 3 16 123 3 9
16 293 4 8 260 4 7
17 195 3 12 127 3 18
18 289 4 10 255 4 11
In 2,571 34   2,175 34  
Total 5,141 68   4,296 68  
SSS 66     66    

Notable rounds

Men's Course Record: 64 D. Boyle 13/07/1997

Ladies Course Record:

Members Achievements

Cruit Island Golf Club qualifies by winning their Ulster Regional Final of the Pierce Purcell Shield to reach the Quarter Finals at Limerick Golf Club on Thursday 16th September 2021 when they played Westmanstown Golf Club only to lose out by 4-matches to 1-match, still a magnificent achievement for such a small club tucked away in west Donegal.

First on the tee was Brendan Ward with Brian McMonagle who lost out to Albert Bell with Eamonn Ryan by 1-hole, they were followed by Dermot Devenney with Declan Gillespie who lost out by 3 and 2 to Shane Russell with Des Brennan, next up was Stephen Melly with Gerard Elwee against Gerry O’Brien with Kieran O’Sullivan this match went 5 and 4 to the Dublin club, in the penultimate match Michael Q. Boyle with Darren Gallagher halved their match against John O’Leary with Tom Slevin and the bottom match was also halved when John Hyland with Alan Gillespie took on Fergal Boland with John McGarrell.   

The Ladies of Cruit Island won the Donegal Shield in 1999, when the team was Sheila Doherty, Bridie Doherty, Noreen Cave, Mary Cowley, Ann T. Doherty, Mari McGonagle, Brid Baska, Angela O'Marcaigh and Pauline Comack.

Marie McGonagle and Ann T. Doherty won the Huzzar Vodka Ulster Ladies Foursomes in 1989.

The Ladies of Cruit Island Golf continued their success in the Volkswagen-Irish Independent Lady Captain's Classic when they went to Co. Sligo Golf Club in August 2002. Lady Captain Mary Cowley (26) and her Captains Prize Winner Bridie Doherty (19) qualified for the National Finals of the Classic with 26 points.

Cruit Island who would have an average of less than 20 ladies playing competitive golf on any given day, had a wonderful win at Co. Sligo Golf Club. Lady Captain 2001, Pauline Comack and her Captain's prize winner Angela O'Marcaigh were leading qualifiers in the Volkswagen-Irish Independent Lady Captain's Classic in late August. With only 50 lady members the two ladies headed to Druid's Glen for the National Final with a score of 38 points. Pauline off 38 and Angela off 15 were delighted with their success. Pauline said later, "When you have as many shots as I have you don't have to worry about getting birdies. We didn't have one all day but we did have some solid pars. We just kept our heads and didn't get too upset when we hit a crisis."

History of Cruit Island

Roll of Honour

Member Year Hon. Position
Anne T. Doherty 1989 Ladies Captain
Paddy Sweeney 1989 Men's Captain
Fr. D. O'Doherty 1989 President
Kathleen Boyle 1990 Ladies Captain
Jim Boyle 1990 Men's Captain
Frank Doherty 1990 President
Bridie Doherty 1991 Ladies Captain
Seamus Doherty 1991 Men's Captain
Frank Doherty 1991 President
Jackie Cadger 1992 Ladies Captain
Hugh Gillespie 1992 Men's Captain
Frank Doherty 1992 President
Berni Gallagher 1993 Ladies Captain
Paddy Farren 1993 Men's Captain
Frank Doherty 1993 President
Sylvia McBride 1994 Ladies Captain
James Gillespie 1994 Men's Captain
Eileen Oglesby 1994 President
Geraldine Doherty 1995 Ladies Captain
Joseph Gillespie 1995 Men's Captain
Eileen Oglesby 1995 President
Noreen Farren 1996 Ladies Captain
Dermot Devenney 1996 Men's Captain
Eileen Oglesby 1996 President
Aingeal O'Marcaigh 1997 Ladies Captain
Pat Gallagher 1997 Men's Captain
Eileen Oglesby 1997 President
Jo Dunleavy 1998 Ladies Captain
Joe McBride 1998 Men's Captain
Hugh Gillespie 1998 President
Carmel Bonner 1999 Ladies Captain
Eugene Sharkey 1999 Men's Captain
Hugh Gillespie 1999 President
Brid Baska 2000 Ladies Captain
Frank Kelly 2000 Men's Captain
Hugh Gillespie 2000 President
Pauline Comack 2001 Ladies Captain
Vincent Bonner 2001 Men's Captain
Hugh Gillespie 2001 President
Mary Cowley 2002 Ladies Captain
Eugene McGarvey 2002 Men's Captain
Gerald McElwee 2002 President
Marie McGonagle 2003 Ladies Captain
Terence Gallagher 2003 Men's Captain
Gerard McElwee 2003 President
Celine Markey 2004 Ladies Captain
Eddie Crawford 2004 Men's Captain
Gerard McElwee 2004 President
Margaret Johnson 2005 Ladies Captain
Connie McKelvey 2005 Men's Captain
Gerard McElwee 2005 President
Noreen McGarvey 2006 Ladies Captain
Jimmy O’Donnell 2006 Men's Captain
Gerard McElwee 2006 President
Angela O’Marcaigh 2007 Ladies Captain
Packie McHugh 2007 Men's Captain
Gerard McElwee 2007 President
Carmel Bonner 2008 Ladies Captain
Jimmy Bonner 2008 Men's Captain
Eugene Sharkey 2008 President
Ita Anderson 2009 Ladies Captain
John Boyle 2009 Men's Captain
Eugene Sharkey 2009 President
Elizabeth Boyle 2010 Ladies Captain
Owenie Gallagher 2010 Men's Captain
Peter Sweeney 2010 President
Geraldine Stafford 2011 Ladies Captain
John Hyland 2011 Men's Captain
Peter Sweeney 2011 President
Noreen McGarvey 2012 Ladies Captain
Michael Duddy 2012 Men's Captain
Peter Sweeney 2012 President
Brid Mulhern
2013 Ladies Captain
Charles O'Donnell 2013 Men's Captain
Peter Sweeney
2013 President
Sylvia McBride 2014 Ladies Captain
Declan Gillespie 2014 Men's Captain
Angela O'Marcaigh 2014 President
Geraldine Doherty
2015 Ladies Captain
Gerard Dickey
2015 Men's Captain
Angela O'Marcaigh 2015 President
Alison Coughlan
2016 Ladies Captain
Donal Boyle 2016 Men's Captain
Paddy Sweeney 2016 President
Kathleen Farren 2017 Ladies Captain
Johndy Boyle 2017 Men's Captain
Paddy Sweeney 2017 President
Anne Davey 2018 Ladies Captain
Brendan Gillespie 2018 Men's Captain
Paddy Sweeney 2018 President
Maeve O’Donnell 2019 Ladies Captain
Denis Boyle 2019 Men's Captain
Paddy Sweeney 2019 President
Anne T. Doherty 2020 Ladies Captain
Eamon Kelly 2020 Men's Captain
Columba Bonner
2020 President
Marie McGonagle 2021 Ladies Captain
Aidan O’Donnell 2021 Men's Captain
Columba Bonner 2021 President
Elizabeth Boyle 2022 Ladies Captain
Denis Bonner 2022 Men's Captain
Columba Bonner 2022 President
Mary Doherty 2023 Ladies Captain
Brendan Boyle 2023 Men's Captain
  2023 President
Ann T. Doherty (9) 2023 Lowest Ladies H'cap
Donal Boyle (0) 2023 Lowest Men's H'cap

Holes in One at Cruit Island

Member Date Hole No. Club Used Distance
M. McCarthy 1 August 1999      
Bridie Doherty   6th   123 m
Bridie Doherty   8th   150 m
Sheila Doherty 1 May 2003 6th   123 m